Texas Native Explains Move

I’m sure you’re wondering how a girl from Texas winds up all the way in Oregon. To explain that I feel like I should give you a bit about me. I was born in Dallas, Texas and raised about 20 miles from there until I started college. Even with that I was in Denton, Texas which was only about 50 miles away from where I grew up. I noticed during my first year of college that I had the desire to move away after graduating. At the time I was single and wanted it to stay that way. Unfortunately being a freshman in college and eager for adventure, I dated someone for a bit who made me swear off of dating for a whole year (but hey, you live and you learn)… in that time I had started to research places that I could move and live on a teacher’s salary. My desire was to move somewhere to the Dancing North East such as Maine, Connecticut, or even New Hampshire. As luck would have it, teachers can’t really live comfortably there so I decided that I would be moving somewhere after I graduated but I wasn’t sure where yet. In the winter of 2013, I got very involved with a bible study group at a local church and met someone who I, luckily, agreed to go on a date withIMG_0292. That someone is now my fiance. The cool thing is that when I started dating Kyle he made it clear that he had no intention of staying in Texas either. HALLELUJAH. He told me he was looking into going to graduate school in the PNW and that he would love to live there afterward. We took a trip up there and I absolutely fell in love with it. From then on it was decided that we would both be going up there. Now he’s up there starting graduate school and I’m here finishing up my college career with a semester of student teaching and then I’ll head up there in December. ~Liz


Happy First Post!

Hello, reader.

If you’re poking around the internet and stumbled across my blog: you’re amazing.

If you searched this blog out: you’re also amazing.

lizlizThis is my very first blog post and I just thought of this concept this morning. I was making my breakfast (creating something as I usually do) and I thought, “I should document this”. So here I am in the afternoon setting up the blog. I titled the blog “The Sterling Chef” because Sterling is my last name and I love to cook. Cheesy? Yes. Do I love cheese? Yes.

This blog will serve as my sounding board for sharing recipes that I’ve tried and love, created and liked, or even created and want to improve. My hope is to be able to explain the story behind the dish as well as (duh) the ingredients that go into it.

Feel free to share recipes with me (I’ll have a page for comments/etc. and you can send them that way).