Fall cooking is in the air…

Holy moly I feel like this semester has been so busy that I haven’t had a chance to really cook much of anything. Add to that the fact that I’m living with my aunt and uncle as I student teach (meaning my aunt is all about cooking leaving me to not be in the kitchen) and I’m left with very little kitchen time. Sadness ensues. 

  However, for the next couple of weeks I am house sitting / Dogsitting for a lovely family who is on a Great American Roadtrip (#GART). That being said I get to watch their lovely dog, Penny, and have access to a beautiful kitchen. All that to simply say, when I’m not exhausted I am trying to commence cooking like I did when I lived in my old apartment. 

Below is a picture of the meal I fixed this evening:  

If only I had a perfect name for this fall, pumpkin pasta dish.

Here’s my attempt: 

Terry’s Terrific Fall Pasta

Yes, this recipe comes from my fiancé’s mom… Only I never leave recipes alone. 

This is how she told me to fix it: 

sausage (sweet italian) crumbled sautéed with onions

pasta boiling

after sausage is cooked deglaze with white wine

add about 1/2 can pumpkin or so

fresh sage

salt & pepper

crushed red pepper flakes

thin with chicken stock

add 1/2 to a cup of cream at the end. toss with pasta and use reserved pasta water to loosen the sauce.

*ammendments: spicy Italian sausage, organic Italian spices, no chicken stock, half and half, gluten free and veggie pasta, sautéed spinach

Overall, it tasted like fall and I was happy to use my can of pumpkin for something other than desserts.



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