Happy First Post!

Hello, reader.

If you’re poking around the internet and stumbled across my blog: you’re amazing.

If you searched this blog out: you’re also amazing.

lizlizThis is my very first blog post and I just thought of this concept this morning. I was making my breakfast (creating something as I usually do) and I thought, “I should document this”. So here I am in the afternoon setting up the blog. I titled the blog “The Sterling Chef” because Sterling is my last name and I love to cook. Cheesy? Yes. Do I love cheese? Yes.

This blog will serve as my sounding board for sharing recipes that I’ve tried and love, created and liked, or even created and want to improve. My hope is to be able to explain the story behind the dish as well as (duh) the ingredients that go into it.

Feel free to share recipes with me (I’ll have a page for comments/etc. and you can send them that way).